Getting Started gives you the tech to create intelligent personalization from content recommendations to detecting malicious behaviour. Our engineers and data scientists take care of the heavy lifting of building the learning infrastructure. Leave the math to us and enjoy the benefits.
Our infrastructure is decentralized, which means user data remains on the devices where our SDK is installed. This keeps your proprietary user data just that: proprietary.
Learning is continuous, meaning you can process more data across SDKs anytime and the infrastructure will add and merge the learning from data is at gets processed.

Using the app

Setting up your account and creating your first project can be done in a few simple steps. Check out our First Steps guide to find out more.
First Steps

SDK Setup/Usage Guides

Implementing one of our lightweight SDK’s gives you fast access to the machine learning platform. These guides will help you to understand how each project can be connected in the platform of your choice.
Python SDK Guides
Android SDK Guides
iOS SDK Guides
JavaScript SDK Guides

Generating your first Schema

A schema is a structure that describes data points you have for your users and for the objects the users interact with on the platform. Check out our guide to prepare a Schema with your proprietary data!


Once your data begins processing, you can monitor the progress of your projects via the app.
Monitoring Projects