Simple, Fast & Robust Machine Learning

Personalization is at the heart of every good user experience. A good product turns into a great product when the service is tailor-made for the user. For example:
  • Your streaming services suggests your next binge-watch
  • Your watch pings you when you’ve been sitting for too long
  • Your shopping page shows pants that would look great with that shirt
  • Your nutrition app gives you recipes based on your dietary restrictions
  • Your car advises you to slow down when icy roads are ahead
Begin enables your software to use advanced algorithms quickly, with very little setup. Our SDK provides your software with the tools to deliver personalized UX in a lightweight, secure, and scalable way.

How does it work?

Step 1: Generate your integration code

Build your Schema to generate your integration code, which is inserted into your application’s codebase.

Step 2: Set your training model

Once installed, create a project and select the machine learning algorithm to apply to your schema. Begin works in the background processing data directly from the device.

Step 3: Learn, apply, learn again...

Begin works in real-time to find patterns in user behaviour as they use your software. Check in on your projects to monitor your training progress and track outliers. Next, start new training projects, add Begin's SDK to more platforms, gain more data, and keep improving your training models.

Take the Risk Out of Learning

Begin’s SDK helps to remove the most common headaches that come with machine learning development.


Whether using pre-built algorithms or writing your own, Begin helps reduce your developer time from months to hours.


Begin saves time and money by processing data from your Android, iOS, or Python codebase. No need for massive server storage, processing power or high-bandwidth, low-latency connections.


Begin’s algorithm leaves your users’ data on their device. We generate a mathematical hash to associate with your users’ behaviour and preferences. This keeps your user data localized and secure.


Since Begin processes data on the user’s device, your software can learn and scale with your user base.

Want to know more?

See why we’re a good fit

Game Demo
Begin’s Graph of People & Objects

Different ways to learn

Begin works with two distinct machine learning techniques: Federated Learning and Process on Device, Train Centrally.
  • Private, secure, and fast
  • Can work with datasets of any size and complexity
  • Private and secure
  • Efficiently model off of large and distributed pools of data

Learn the language

At Begin we reinvented, a few key principles in the way machine learning is done. Get to know some of our key terms to better understand our process.

Take us for a spin!

Test our algorithms using our risk-free sandbox. Use our pre-built templates and apps to see if Begin is right for your team.
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