Javascript SDK - Engagement Prediction

Use Cases


Before you start using our Recommender algorithm, ensure you’ve:
  1. Created a schema
  1. Integrated code to process your data and installed Begin’s SDK
  1. Created a project with the objective “Predict User Engagement”
Learning usually takes about 30 minutes. Once complete, your machine learning algorithm is ready to be used on your mobile device, browser, connected vehicles, or server applications.


Once learning has completed, use the following call:
BeginWorker.classify(projectId, objectId or userId)
This will return an estimate of your users’ level of engagement with the new content.
You can monitor the learning on your dashboard. In time, enough users will interact with your app and provide enough learning material for using the recommender.
NOTE: The timeframe will vary depending on the number of users interacting with your software. For example, if you have 100k active users, your model is usually ready in two hours.