Use Cases


Before you reach this stage, ensure you’ve:
  1. Created a schema
  1. Integrated code to process your data and installed Begin’s Unity SDK
  1. Created a project with the objective “Classifier”
Learning usually takes about 30 minutes. Once complete, your machine learning algorithm is ready to be used on your mobile device, browser, connected vehicles, or server applications.


In order to begin classifying objects, follow the initialization step:
using BeginAI; BeginWorker worker = BeginWorker.GetInstance(APP_ID, LICENSE_KEY);
To use your trained algorithm, input the following code:
This will return the classification labels for the provided object/user along with the confidence score
If you performed the initial processing in Unity, you can still use the algorithm with other SDKs like Python or JavaScript SDKs.
Note: Begin’s algorithms can learn continuously with additional user data while your code is deployed. Your project can learn from datasets on your mobile application, server or other applications without you having to worry about merging the learning or merging the data. Begin will take care of merging the learning.