Jan 17, 2022 03:55 PM
Signatures (otherwise known as “embeddings”) are a profile, expressed as a mathematical hash Meaningful only to the algorithm.
The signature is generated and referenced by the central server with every other signature in the app. Each individual signature is then improved and sent back to the device where the experience is tailored to the user.
A movie streaming recommendation algorithm processes a user’s interactions. The user:
  • Viewed more movies under the “Science Fiction” genre
  • Viewed more movies with the tag “Strong Female Lead”
  • Reacted positively to movies tagged with “complex themes”
  • Reacted negatively to “gory”
This is referenced by the server, which references this with every other signature, and finds that users with a similar signature enjoyed Arrival. The signature is modified and the instructions are improved to recommend these movies. The process is repeated after the next round of interactions to further understand the user’s taste.

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