Use Cases

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Begin’s learning algorithms are designed to fit your use case. Here are some examples of how Begin’s learning models can improve your users’ experience:
  • Recommend your users’ next binge watch
  • Bring your user back through tailored notifications
  • Find a kid-friendly recipe from the ingredients in your fridge
  • Find the ideal candidate for your workplace culture
  • Qualify leads in your sales funnel
  • Determine if user:@mike3929438759 is a bot
  • Using a person’s genetic profile to engineer a tailored vaccine
  • Help self-driving cars navigate rush hour traffic
  • Book a table at your favourite restaurant while reserving theatre seats
Personalization at its heart is learning how your individual user is unique compared to all others. Typically the setup for processing that amount of data is complex and expensive. Begin’s platform provides plug & play SDKs to make personalization a breeze!
Reach out to us to learn more on how you can apply our technology to produce the above results!